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Hi, this app is my first game. Please encourage me to continue. ( )

Flappy Bird and Spashy Fish had better find a happy flappy place to cat Sandar can FLY and she LOVES to have fun! 

My cat Sandar is cool! She’s got retractable claws and she can leap over a fence! But the real excitement comes when she goes to sleep... 

•Sharp and cool graphics 
•Super fun arcade gameplay 

This is your chance to hop inside of my cat's dream! When Sandar dreams, she ditches the claws for a cape and swoops through the city like a feline superhero! 

Tall buildings and flying cats don’t mix, so be sure to swoop down and soar high to slide between, over, under, and around those big brick beasts! 

And don’t be fooled by the size of these buildings, they can move around pretty fast and really put the hurt on your neighborhood flying cat! 

Pile up the points and leave your friends crying in their kitty litter. And if you're a dog...don't look up! 

“Who would have thought that…