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Temporary Earth Retaining System

(Copyrighted Content by Aung Myo Myint – Not for Re-use) Deep Excavations are increasing day by day as less space over the surface of the earth is available for construction and as a result we are forced to go underground for more space and better utilization of the space. Deep excavations need temporary earth retaining structures which ensures that the movements in the ground should not cause damage to the neighboring structures. Temporary Earth Retaining Structures enables to cut sides of the excavation to vertical or near vertical keeping the surroundings stable and unable the sidings to collapse or damage.  An excavation can be done vertically or horizontally. When doing horizontally the earth retaining system has to support the top layer and then only the bottom can be excavated and when going vertically we need to provide strength to the sidings by various earth retaining systems. The temporary earth retaining system is basically built to enable the surrounding ground or soil to…